For Referrers

Thank you for choosing to refer your patient to My Specialists Sydney where we endeavour to correspond with you promptly and involve you in their shared care.

  • Our doctors can organise endocrine dynamic testing including short synacthen test, water deprivation test, insulin tolerance test, and glucagon stimulation test
  • Our doctors can perform renal biopsies
  • All referrals will be seen within 2 weeks
  • Urgent referrals (e.g. highly labile or erratic blood glucose levels, thyrotoxicosis, hypercalcaemia, pregnancy related endocrine disorders) will be seen within a few days after discussion
  • Should you wish to discuss your referral or for urgent referrals, please call

    - Clinic reception on (02) 9553 0155 during business hours  OR
    - St. George Hospital switchboard on
    (02) 9113 1111 after hours

    and you will be directed to one of our doctors

For all appointments and enquiries please phone (02) 9553 0155

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